The Official MFC Singapore supporters club was founded by Ariff Ahmad on the 3rd June 2004, Ariff's passion for the club inspired him to identify other local and expatriates Middlesbrough supporters to create awareness and develop the growing Asian interest in Middlesbrough Football Club. Mr Steve Gibson the Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club endorsed the formation of the MFC Singapore Supporters Club with an official letter presented in Singapore.

Boro SG Fans Base

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

See You next Season!

Hi we will be back for next season news and latest rumous.

For 2007/08 we appoligise due to technical problem.All Thread has been deleted from blog.i'll make sure for next season , the problem won't repeat again.

Congratulation for Boro team !

Mfc Player of the Year 07/08 - Steward Downing

Mfc Singapore Player Of The Year 07/08 - Tuncay Sanli / David Wheater

Pictures from the Newcastle game in Singapore

SCC 7s Football Tournament

Boro Veteran's has won the CUP in Singapore Cricket Club 7side Football Tournament match competition which held in Singapore on 19th and 20th May 07. Craig Higgnet proven that he still fit and become top scorer for Boro side. Boro has beat Jurong F.c veteran's 4 - 0 in Final match (Jurong Fc One of Singapore League team).

Boro fans in Singapore was pleased to met again Boro Chairman Steve Gibson and the rest player in this Tournament. Familiar face around this time like Steve Gibson, Keith Lamb, Gordon McQueen, Viv Anderson, Craig Higgnet, Steve Agnew, Chris Barnes, Curtis Fleming, Neil Maddison, Chris Camara and fews others player.With the winning, we (Singapore fans) hope its a new signal for Southgate and Boro team next season to achived our dream in EPL.

Quater Final
Boro beat German team 2-1

Semi Final
Boro beat Johor's(Malaysia) 4-1

Boro beat Jurong Fc(Singapore) 4-0

Boro Players In Singapore

Former Boro Players In Singapore

Special Guest Keith Lamb Middlesbrough FC General Manager

Boro Fans @ The World Cup 2006

Boro Fans @ The World Cup 2006

The SSC Chairman being interviewed by ESPN's Singapore presenter Jason Dacey.

Stuart Downing warms up with Theo Walcott

Chairman Shooter lifts the World Cup!

England Beetle

Singapore Supporters Club Chairman Shooter meeting Boro supporters before the Englandv Trinidad & Tobago match in Nurnberg, this location was the very spot that Adolf Hitler used to stand during the Nazi rallies in WW2, known as the Zeppelin Field, the Nurnberg Stadium in the background. Do you recognise these Boro supporters?

Boro Fans from good old YARM

Supporter's Club Gets Interviewed! - LIVE on ESPN's Football Crazy

Supporter's Club Gets Interviewed! - LIVE on ESPN's Football Crazy

22 Sept 2006

Middlesbrough Official Supporters' Club - Singapore branch kickoff meeting 2005

Middlesbrough Official Supporters' Club - Singapore branch kickoff meeting 2005

Special Guest - Paul Masfield