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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M'boro 09/10 - Another Clean Sheet.


Johnson 28
Johnson 53 (pen)

BORO won back-to-back matches away from home for the first time in three-and-half-years and for the first time in 15 years kept a clean sheet in their opening three games

Scunthorpe United: Murphy; Spence, Byrne (Capt), Jones, Williams, Sparrow (Thompson 84), McCann, O'Connor (J Wright 51), Woolford, Hayes, Hooper. Unused subs: Lillis (gk); Forte, Morris, Canavan, Togwell.

Middlesbrough: Coyne; McMahon, Wheater, Huth (Capt), Grounds, Yeates (Arca 84), Williams, O'Neil, A Johnson (Hoyte 89), Lita (Tuncay 74), Emnes. Unused subs: Steele (gk); Taylor, Hines, Franks.

Referee: Michael Oliver

Scunthorpe United: Byrne
, 52
, foul; Hayes, 55, foul; Sparrow, 61, foul.

Middlesbrough: Huth, 55, retaliation; Yeates, 67, foul

Attendance: 8,274 (2,211 from Boro)

Conditions: Overcast and warm with a gentle breeze.

Website Boro Man of the Match: Danny Coyne