The Official MFC Singapore supporters club was founded by Ariff Ahmad on the 3rd June 2004, Ariff's passion for the club inspired him to identify other local and expatriates Middlesbrough supporters to create awareness and develop the growing Asian interest in Middlesbrough Football Club. Mr Steve Gibson the Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club endorsed the formation of the MFC Singapore Supporters Club with an official letter presented in Singapore.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fans News at Ole Ole

Boro Fan Base Branches Out

Wednesday, 12 November 08, 10:06 PM

Good morning/afternoon/evening Peeps and Boro fans,

This morning I was walking along the Boro Brick Road and stumbled across a Middlesbrough Supporters' Club on the net. You're probably thinking that every team has a good number of supporter clubs in lots of countries across the globe and this is not very interesting, but this one stood out because it was on the other side of the world. Well, strictly speaking they are on the net so they're not that far away at all, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

They call themselves the Middlesbrough FC Singapore Official Supporters' Club. They are a small community of Boro fans who meet up and share their joys about the mighty Boro.

Middlesbrough Singapore Branch Badge

The club was set up in June 2004 by a nice fella called Ariff Ahmad who wanted to increase the already growing Asian interest in Middlesbrough FC. The Supporters' Club has since been endorsed by Boro's number one fan and Middlesbrough FC chairman, Steve Gibson.

It's wonderful to know that there are Boro fans all over the globe cheering on their favourite team.

The guys from the Singapore Branch look like they are dedicated fans. They even enter regular 6-a-side football tournaments in South East Asia and always put in a good show, having won the tournament a few times in recent years.

I hope that the Middlesbrough FC Singapore Official Supporters' Club continues to grow over the coming seasons and will increase the Asian interest in Boro. Good luck!

Please take a look at their site and check out the photos of Ariff with the likes of Steve Gibson, Craig Hignett and Gary Pallister. Middlesbrough FC Singapore Official Supporters' Club

The Everton game is creeping up on us so tomorrow's blog post will bring the latest news ahead of the trip to Goodison Park. Keep in touch.

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Credit to Stuart Young( BIGBORO at Oleole) for the article. - Ariff Ahmad

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