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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Loyal David Flies The Flag

Loyal David Flies The Flag

Singapore Boro fan David Yeo's car

HE may never have been any closer than 7,000 miles from the Riverside Stadium, but that doesn't stop loyal Singapore Boro Supporters Club member David Yeo from flying his colours with pride.

David, a regular contributor to the Letters page, sent us these pictures of his car, emblazoned all over with the old and new Boro crests.

The car is guaranteed to get him noticed wherever he goes in the Far East city state.

"It's in my blood" said David. "I cannot tell you how proud I am when I am on the road, especially in my country, Singapore, where Boro fans can easily be counted.

"I think I am attracting more Boro fans here!"

Singapore Boro fan David Yeo's car

David started following Boro at the age of 16 back in 1995 after seeing a game against Nottingham Forest.

"It was a love at first sight," he said. "Nothing can explain that. Since then I've always followed them.

David meets up with about half a dozen fans whenever they're able to get a live game on TV.

"It's hard because most of the time the live televised match here in Singapore is mainly on the big four clubs," he said

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