The Official MFC Singapore supporters club was founded by Ariff Ahmad on the 3rd June 2004, Ariff's passion for the club inspired him to identify other local and expatriates Middlesbrough supporters to create awareness and develop the growing Asian interest in Middlesbrough Football Club. Mr Steve Gibson the Chairman of Middlesbrough Football Club endorsed the formation of the MFC Singapore Supporters Club with an official letter presented in Singapore.

Boro SG Fans Base

Catch Live Boro Match at Boomarang Bistro and Bar BOAT QUAY 52 Circular Rd Singapore 049407.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Singapore Boro fans put some gear up!

Once again we gather in Boomarang Bistro and Bar Boat Quay to watch the big game between Boro and Watford on April 6th, 15

This time we were visited by some Boro fans from outside the participating watch this match, although Boro team loses, we remain confident Boro will soon rise and automatically qualified for the Premier League next season

Members attend

Ariff Ahmad
Geoff Surdon
Alan Koh
David Yeo
Vincent Tee
Nicholas walton

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